• ADA Compliance Course

    27 Lessons
    • ADA Compliance Course (1-5) - $499.00
    • ADA Compliance Course (6-10) - $999.00

    This practical training program can help anyone – even if you have no experience with website accessibility, WCAG, or ADA compliance. How Every Website Owner Can Make Their Website ‘ADA Compliant’ in Less Than Two Weeks Did you know that most accessibility companies (even the big ones) don’t know exactly how to stop ADA website

  • WCAG Course

    59 Lessons
    • WCAG Course - $199.00

    This powerful training program can help anyone learn the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) – even if you’re non-technical and don’t know anything about web accessibility. How to Learn WCAG 2.1 AA in as Little as 3 Hours… Even if You’re a Beginner Did you know that learning website accessibility isn’t as difficult as it’s

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  • Plaintiffs Lawyers Course

    10 Lessons

    Learn the profiles of the most active plaintiffs lawyers involved in website accessibility and ADA compliance litigation. Inside each lesson, you'll find the plaintiffs represented, top three accessibility claims, courts complaints are filed in, and state the law firm is located in.

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  • Accessibility Audit Course

    38 Lessons
    • Accessibility Audit Course - $299.00

    The Audits 101 course is a training program on how to audit a website using WCAG 2.1 AA standards. This course is live and available for purchase but still not finished. If you would like to sign up now, you will have access to 38 video lessons covering how to conduct a website audit. However,