• ADA Compliance for Web Agencies

    15 Lessons
    • ADA Compliance for Web Agencies - $149.00

    The ADA Compliance for Web Agencies course is designed to help web agencies decide how to approach accessibility and compliance and then also give direction on messaging to client, limiting liability, and revenue opportunities. Microsoft Word templates are provided for: The course duration is approximately 1-1.5 hours. This course helps you understand ADA compliance and

  • ADA Compliance Course

    31 Lessons
    • ADA Compliance Course (1-5) - $299.00
    • ADA Compliance Course (6-10) - $599.00

    Video Transcript Coming Soon Learn how to make your website ADA compliant and stop lawsuits with the ADA Compliance Course. The ADA Compliance Course can help anyone with making their website ADA compliant – even if you have no experience with website accessibility or WCAG. How Every Website Owner Can Make Their Website ‘ADA Compliant’

  • WCAG Course

    66 Lessons
    • WCAG Course (1 License) - $99.00
    • WCAG Course (3 Licenses) - $269.00
    • WCAG Course (5 Licenses) - $429.00
    • WCAG Course (10 Licenses) - $799.00

    Video Transcript Coming Soon Learn how to make your website accessible and ADA compliant with the WCAG Course. The WCAG Course can help anyone learn the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) – even if you’re non-technical and know nothing about web accessibility. How to Learn WCAG 2.1 AA in as Little as 3 Hours… Even

  • WordPress Accessibility Course

    14 Lessons
    • Wordpress Accessibility Course - $49.00

    Learn how to make your WordPress website more accessible with WP Accessibility. WP Accessibility is training to help you with accessibility for your WordPress website. This course will also help you understand WCAG conformance and ADA compliance as they relate to WordPress. Learn how your framework or theme, plugins, settings, and more affects your website’s

  • Accessibility Audit Course

    56 Lessons
    • Accessibility Audit Course - $199.00

    Learn how to conduct a website accessibility audit with Audits 101. The Audits 101 course is a training program on how to audit a website using WCAG 2.1 AA standards. In this course, you will learn how to conduct a basic website accessibility audit by inspecting, testing, and detecting accessibility issues. Beyond manual inspection, we