Accessibility Statement


Do you need assistance accessing something on our website?

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Commitment to Accessibility is committed to accessibility. It is my (Kris Rivenburgh’s) policy to ensure that persons with disabilities have full and equal access to my digital offerings.

User Experience

This website relies on essential third-party integrations including an LMS, Stripe, and WooCommerce.  We have remediated all known issues of WCAG 2.1 AA nonconformance. However, we are unable to embed and use AblePlayer media player – a more accessible video player vs. YouTube – because of plugin conflicts. There may be an environment combination that produces unknown issues, but these instances should amount to technicalities as we have tested and continue to test this website’s content and functionality to ensure access.


If you come across any accessibility issues, we welcome and encourage any feedback on the performance of this website. Email me at to provide feedback.

Standards strives to conform to WCAG 2.1 AA standards to ensure digital offerings are fully accessible.

Compatibility is compatible with most major Internet browsers including Chrome, FireFox, and Safari.

However, there is at least one ongoing browser-side issue with the use of Firefox and Safari on Mac with the Catalina update.  This affects tab and focus.


In the end, it seems to be an issue related to Firefox and Mac since Catalina OS:

Firefox used to take the value from the user settings in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts so just by checking the "Use keyboard navigation to move between controls" checkbox you could navigate using the keyboard. But that’s not working anymore.

Thankfully it has a quite easy solution:

  1. Go to about:config
  2. Search for accessibility.tabfocus and check that it’s set to type Boolean with value true
  3. Remove it and select Number instead
  4. Click on the add button and then enter the value 7
  5. This should work. may not perform optimally on Internet Explorer and older browser versions.


As the sole owner and operator of, I am responsible for all coordinating accessibility efforts.  I work with contract developers to improve accessibility.

Testing has been manually audited under WCAG 2.1 AA technical standards.  This website has also been tested with NVDA screen reader software.

To reduce incidence of error during audit, this website has also been scanned using automated software (WAVE and AXE) to review accessibility.

Training and Education

I have personally taken training administered by Karl Groves of and Jared Smith of  I have also undergone dozens of hours of informal training and education.  Rob Dodson’s YouTube channel has been particularly helpful.


Through genuine effort and commitment including manual evaluations, consulting, and remediation, I believe adheres to best practices for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

​Resources offers the NVDA screen reader for free.

​You can learn more about the right to equal access for all Americans at provides numerous resources for making accessible websites and maintaining them.

​W3C and WCAG​ 2.1 provide technical guidelines and examples for what web accessibility should be. provides web accessibility information and services.