WordPress Accessibility Course

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Learn how to make your WordPress website more accessible with WP Accessibility.

WP Accessibility is training to help you with accessibility for your WordPress website. This course will also help you understand WCAG conformance and ADA compliance as they relate to WordPress.

Learn how your framework or theme, plugins, settings, and more affects your website’s accessibility.

WP accessibility is beginner friendly and works as a stand alone course or the perfect complement to the WCAG Course and ADA Compliance Course.

The difference between the three on-demand training programs is WP accessibility focuses on accessibility within the WordPress dashboard.

The WCAG Course explains the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in plain English.

The ADA Compliance Course instructs you on exactly how to find and fix the accessibility issues that are most likely to lead to a lawsuit.

The WP Accessibility course is a great place to get started so sign up start now and start learning how to improve the accessibility on your WordPress website.

This course takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.

Introduction Theme Wordpress Plugins Alt Text Headings Contact Forms Underlined Text Links Focus Indicator Color Contrast Media Library WP Accessibility Plugin Overlay Widgets WCAG in Context ADA Compliance in Context