From Kris Rivenburgh, founder:

I created this ADA compliance and website accessibility learning center for several reasons.

One was I wanted to offer training that was lean (had no fluff) and got right to the point.

There so many courses that waste tens of minutes, if not an hour or more of people’s times on introductions, unimportant information, and going over the same things over-and-over and I wanted to have a course that served people better.

Another problem is too many courses don’t actually tell you exactly what to do, step-by-step.

Again, my training programs ware the opposite. I want students to have my blueprint on exactly what to do.

Also, I want to make accessibility affordable to everyone. My training courses are intentionally priced to be an amazing value.

Additionally, I wanted the courses organized and the lessons structured in such a way to make learning easier and improve absorption.

We all know that it can take several passes through some information before we retain it. One of my goals is to improve absorption rate.

In summary, I wanted to make sure website owners had an efficient and effective method to understand website accessibility and work towards ADA compliance.

Are you ready to get started? If you’re new to accessibility, the WCAG Course is a great place to begin.