WCAG Course


The WCAG course provides training on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines with plain English explanations for all 50 WCAG 2.1 AA success criteria and the six new WCAG 2.2 AA success criteria.

Each lesson includes video and text explanations of every success criterion’s meaning and requirements.

This course includes premium add-ons to help you learn WCAG faster:

  • video explanations
  • code examples
  • Excel spreadsheet
  • lessons for each success criterion


The WCAG Course can make anyone an expert on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – even if you’re a complete beginner to web accessibility.

With each lesson dedicated to explaining every success criterion in plain English, you will be able to understand what is required for each success criterion.

Premium add-ons include:

  • Video explanations
  • Code examples
  • Customizable Excel spreadsheet checklist

spreadsheet snippet with columns and info for ordered WCAG success criteria

The WCAG Course was created by Kris Rivenburgh, an attorney and the author of The ADA Book.  All video explanations are from Kris.